Questions and Answers


Q) Is Appi Travels Ltd a Guaranteed Income?
A) Appi Travels cannot and will not guarantee any income for its affiliates. Every person on this planet is different. Some people work and some don’t, so the potential earnings depends on every individual performance (
refer to income disclaimer at the bottom of the website).

Q) Can I get a refund?
A) No Refund Policy. Once you become an affiliate you have immediate access to all the products and services in your membership. Appi Travels LTD pays out out 100% commissions of the product purchase back to its affiliates in real- time. Affiliates click the ''accept” and show that they have read the terms and conditions before they register or pay. This is to ensure that we are NOT forcing anyone to purchase our products and services. Full access to our full range of products and services is immediate upon sign up. For this reason, we have a 
no refund policy. During the registration and before becoming an active member, everyone who signs up must accept the terms and conditions which ensures that they are aware of them and understand them. (Refer to refund policy at the bottom of the website.)

Q) How do I register and pay to get active?
A) If you are not active, click on the Join Us button on the Appi Travels website, all the information is there. Ensure you register to the right sponsor. Affiliates who do not have credit cards or bank accounts, that is not an issue. There are many ways to fund your Bitcoin account. Procedures are there once you have reached the payment option page. You may also get in contact with your sponsor to help walk you through the process.


Q) How does APPI FUND 2.0 work?                                                                                                                                                                                                                            
A) The Appi Fund 2.0 consist of a lightning speed 2x2 Profit Centers. This means you have 2 affiliates on the 1st level and 4 affiliates on the 2nd level. The 1st level affiliates donate to your upline, your 2nd level affiliates donate to you.

Q) Is There various levels of participation?                                                                                                                                                                                                  
A) Yes! We have 3 levels of participation.

1) Explorer Fund 2.0: cost of donation $35 / Donations received $25x3 = $75 + Free re-entry.                                                                                                                     

2) Traveler fund 2.0: cost of donation $125 / Donations received $100x3 = $300 + Free re-entry.                                                                                                                 

3) Navigator fund 2.0: cost of donation 275$ / Donations received $250x3 = $750 + Free re-entry.

Q) Can I close and start a new profit center more then once a day?                                                                                                                                                         
A) Yes! Appi Fund 2.0 enables you to close a Profit Center and start a New Profit Center many time daily all on Auto Pilot.

Q) What is the difference between the Explorer AF $35, Traveler AF $125 and the Navigator AF $275?   
A) Explorer AF is an affordable Once out of Pocket $35 Affiliate opportunity. It enables you to receive $25 Over & Over with Access to Travel Portal, Rebates for AppiSites, Appi Marketing Tools, A Lead Generating System, Your very own Website and a Social Media Marketing Course.                                                     

B) Traveler AF is a Once out of Pocket $125 Affiliate opportunity. It enables you to receive $100 Over & Over with access to Travel Portal, Totally Free for AppiSites, Appi Marketing Tools, A Lead Generating System, Your very own Website and a Traffic Mastery Course.

C) Navigator AF is a Once out of Pocket $275 affiliate opportunity. It enables you to receive $250 Over & Over with Access to Travel Portal, Totally Free for AppiSites, Appi Marketing Tools, A Lead Generating System, Your very own Website and a Success Educational Course.

Q) What is a Direct referral?                                                                                                                                                                                                                             
A) Your personal invites.

Q) What is a Spill Over?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             
A) When your upline refers more than 2 personal invites.

Q) What is a Spill Under?                                                                                                                                                                                                                               
A) When your direct referrals sponsor more referrals.

Q) What is a Down line re-entry?
A) When your downline completes a Profit Center and follows you in your open Profit Center in the next available position from left to right.

Q) What is a New re-entre?
A) When you purchase another position. (We recommend that your 1st position has at least 6 referrals before you before you purchase another Appi Fund 2.0 position)

Q) What happens if my downline upgrades to the Traveler Fund or Navigator Fund level before I do?                                      
A) You will temporarily lose that downline until you upgrade to the higher level as well. Once you are upgraded. When your downline completes the profit center of the level in question. He will then come back to you in your profit center of the Traveler Fund or Navigator Fund.APPI EVENUP

Q) What is the difference between the Explorer, Traveler and the Navigator?
A) Explorer is an affordable level for everyone at the purchase of $50 +$25 admin fee. It enables you to earn $25 commission and $25 in 100% RRMB.

B) Traveler is a purchase level of $200 + $50 admin fee. It enables you to earn $100 commission and $100 in 100% RRMB.

C)Navigator is a purchase level of $500 + $50 admin fee. It enables you to earn $250 commission and $250 in 100% RRMB.

Q) Can a member join the Explorer plus the Traveler at the same time?
A) Yes! The cost will be $325.

Q) Can a member join the Explorer, Traveler plus the Navigator at the same time?
A) No! The Navigator is purchased individually.

Q) If an affiliate is in the Navigator and does not purchase the Explorer nor the Traveler but sponsors an affiliate into the Explorer and the Traveler, does the member’s referral in the Explorer and Traveler follow him into the Navigator?
A) Of course! Once your referred affiliate upgrades in the Navigator they will follow their sponsor in his Navigator. You as a sponsor will lose all his commissions and 100% RRMB in the Explorer and Traveler though because you did not purchase the Explorer, Traveler level.

Q) If an Affiliate is at the Explorer level and upgrades to the Traveler level before his sponsor, does the sponsor lose his referred affiliate in the Traveler?
A) The sponsor will lose his referred affiliate to the next up line in the Traveler level, his sponsor. The sponsor loses his referred affiliate with the commission payout, but not the 100% RRMB. 

Q) If an Affiliate is at the Explorer level and upgrades to the Traveler level before his sponsor, when is the sponsor eligible to collect 100% RRMB.
A) The sponsor will start to receive his referred affiliates Traveler 100% RRMB only once the sponsor upgrades to Navigator.

Q) What does RRMB mean?
A) Residual Referral Matching Bonus (RRMB) For every affiliate that you refer you will receive a 100% matching bonus (RRMB), not only on their revenue but also on their travel points. That’s right! When your referred affiliates make commissions and travel points, you receive a 100% Matching Bonus (RRMB) on their commissions and travel points as well. 
Example Commissions + (RRMB): If ONE of your referrals makes $100 a day, you as a sponsor also get paid $100 the same day. That is a whopping $100 x 30 Days = $3000 a month. That’s just with one referral! Imagine if you have 10 referrals earning $100 a day each. That equals to $30,000 a month. Your potential earnings are limitless!

Q) Do I need to be qualified to receive 100% RRMB?
A) No you do not! You may start receiving 100% RRMB on your first referral.

Q) What does Residual ON and OFF mean?
A) All affiliates start their month with the residual default button on the ‘Residual On” mode. Affiliates will be able to track their organization and view the “Residual On” income for the next month and make a decision to keep “Residual On” mode or “Residual Off” mode. Must make decision 7 days before their monthly renewal date.

Risdual income is an option and not mandatory!

Q) What is the best way to build your organization? 
A) You want to first build a team of 4 direct referrals and to ensure the growth of your business, you want to build deep first before building wide. We suggest that every affiliate help their first 4 direct affiliates get their 4 affiliates each before building wide. If every affiliate does this process, the depth of your organization will explode. Remember you earn commission to infinity depth. This is HUGE!

Q) What is a rotator?
A) Every affiliate has their own individual rotator. The rotator is used to help your referrals and to ensure growth of your organization, if you help your referrals you earn more commissions.Rotators allow you to promote your multiple URLs from just one rotator URL. You can add several websites (referral websites) to your rotator URL and then you can point all of the traffic you get from various sources to your one rotator URL, which will spread the traffic between you and your referrals' websites.

Q) Why and when would I use my rotator?
A) Remember building deep first is the most important and working as a team. Remember you want to help your 4 affiliates get their 4 affiliates each, then you continue building wide. Here is an example of using the rotator; If you have 2 of your 4 direct affiliates that did not get their 4 referrals each. You need to add their site url to your rotator and this will definitely help them get their 4 referrals each. There is no stopping wealth if everyone works together.

Q) How do I receive free travel points?
A) Receiving free travel points happens automatically. When you earn commissions from our phenomenal opportunity you also receive and accumulate free travel point at the same time.

Q) What is the conversion from travel points into dollars? 
A) 100 travel points equal to $1.00 USD

Q) How many free travel points do I receive with Explorer and the Navigator?
A) Explorer enables you to earn 250 travel points every time you earn a $25 commission and 250 travel points in 100% RRMB.

B) Traveler enables you to earn 500 travel points every time you earn a $100 commission and 500 travel points in 100% RRMB.

C) Navigator enables you to earn 500 travel points every time you earn a $250 commission and 500 travel points in 100% RRMB.

Q) How can I use my travel points?
A) Simply click the Travel link and select the product and service you want to use. Whether you’re booking hotel, vacations, flights, cars, cruises and activities, book your product and service in real-time. Send a copy of your purchase to and we will credit your points into cash in your earnings.

Q) May I Exchange my travel points for cash?
A) Yes you may. We will cash in your travel points at a 50% ratio. If you accumulated $1000 in travel point, you would receive $500 in cash. Simply click on your (Cash in Travel Points link)CITP

Q) What is a residual income?
A)True residual income is a recurring income of your last month’s income with the same affiliates. Example: If you earned $9500 in commissions + 20.000 travel points last month with your organization, you will start the next month with $9500 in commissions + 20.000 travel points.

Q) What if I do not have a sponsor?
A) If you happened to find our website and you have no sponsor and you would like to join Appi Travels, simply send a request to detailing that you would like to join but have no sponsor and also which country you’re from. Support will send you back an e-mail with the appropriate sponsor for you, from your countr,y to use when filling out your registration information.

Q) Do I need to refer new affiliates?
A) YES. You most certainly do! All affiliates must treat this like their very own business because it is your own business. Remember we cannot Guarantee your income! If you become an affiliate of Appi Travels and don’t share and refer others. You will not make any commissions.

Q) What is a Sponsors responsibility?
A) A sponsor’s responsibility is to be there to help and guide their referred affiliates to duplicate what the sponsor is actually doing. Sponsors must show them how to do the same. In order to build your business (your team, your down line) you must help your referred affiliates. This is team work! We are all working together for the same goal!

Q) Is Appi Travels International?
A) Yes! We are a global company in over 200 counties.

Q) What e-currencies do you accept?
A) All transactions are done in USD and of course we accept all currencies. We are associated with the best Merchants in the world.

Q) Who are our Merchants?
A) All we need is one merchant at that is Bitcoin. Pay and receive payments from the largest reputable Bitcoin Merchant in the world. 
Receive a Credit/Debit Card to shop and access your funds from any ATM worldwide. 
Wallet provides a way to manage your funds when you want and where you want. 
MOBILE APP, simplifies and enhances your bitcoin experience so you can send and receive money for your life on-the-go. 
Sending bitcoins with our Merchant to another person is free regardless of the amount.

Q) When do we get paid?
A) Members get paid daily. Request a withdrawal and we pay to your favorite merchant the same day. Appi Travels does payroll twice a day, 9:00 am Eastern and 6:00 pm eastern.  

Q) Is my personal information safe with Appi Travels?
A) Absolutely! A member's personal information will stay the property of Appi Travels LTD, and will not be sold, misused, or used for any other opportunity. (Refer to Privacy Policy)

Q) What is Appi Travels policy on spamming?
A) We have ZERO tolerance for spamming. Members who spam will be removed. (Refer to Antispam Policy)

Q) What is Appi Travels policy on cross-recruiting?
A) Anyone cross-recruiting or spamming member's down lines with other opportunities will be removed from the program.

Q) How do we contact Appi Travels support?
A) Visit the Contact Us section of the website, our contact information will be available as well as the possibility of emailing your questions or concerns directly to us.

Q) What products are available now or will be in the future?
A) Appi Travels LTD is a leading provider of the travel industry worldwide, offering a one-stop 

shopping source for booking hotel, vacations, flights, cars, cruise and activities.

Q) Is there anything new coming to Appi Travels?
A) Coming soon; (My Own Business Education) Appi Travels will be partnering with a specialized business training company catering to small business owners and entrepreneurs. They offer a large selection of online training products, services, live training events and exclusive masterminds to help you along your business journey.

Q) Why can't I receive emails from the company?
A) You should make sure is in your address book. In the event that this does not correct the issue, verify your spam filter to ensure our email is not flagged. We recommend gmail for your business email as they do not block business emails from our website.

Q) Do I have to pay Taxes?
A) Everyone must pay taxes. Appi Travels LTD does not send out any TAX forms so each member is responsible for his or her own tax reporting.

Q) Will I be able to Will my membership to my family?
A) Yes, you most certainly can.