Travel Portal

Q: Do I need an active Appi Travels Membership to have access to the travel portal?

A: Yes. An active Appi Travels membership is required to gain access to the travel portal.


Q: Is my account activated automatically when I complete my registration?

A: No. The account must be validated and the access level has to be configured before the account is ready for use. An activation confirmation email is sent out as soon as the account is ready.


Q: How long do account activations take.

A: Accounts are activated within 24-48 hours of registration.


Q: Can I login before being active?

A: No. Trying to log in before an account is activated will disable the account.


Q: Can I earn commissions by reselling travel services?

A: Yes. Silver engine, Gold engine and Platinum engine portal access level members earn commissions for the reselling of travel services.


Q: What are the portal access levels?

A: There are 4 access levels in the Appi Travels Portal.

Bronze engine: Product packages less than $250

Silver engine: VIP Bronze & Product packages $250 and

Gold engine: Product package VIP SILVER and up

Platinum engine: Product packages over 1000$


Q: What commission levels can I earn?

A: Bronze engine: No commissions

Silver engine: Receive 5% commissions on hotel bookings.

Gold engine: Receive 10% commissions on hotel bookings.

Platinum engine: Receive 15% commissions on hotel bookings.


   Q: Do I earn commissions on any travel service I sell?

A: No. Right now we are allowing commissions only Hotel Bookings.


Q: I receive a “bad login or password” error when I log in. What should I do?

A: When you receive this error, use the forgotten password link to recover your password. 


Q: I receive a “Password request error. User is unrecognised” error when I try to recover my password, why?

A: This error means that the email used to login is not in the system. Either it is the wrong email or the email was corrupted. A new account needs to be created.


Q: Can I re-use an active email to create a new account.

A: No. Emails can only be used once. New accounts require new emails.