Withdrawing your earnings;
Withdrawals are restricted to your payment processor. This means that the option you choose for your initial payment is the option that will be required for the withdrawals of your commissions. The reason for this restriction is the high exchange rates merchants charge us for moving money from one account to another.
 In the case of credit card payments, the merchant used for withdrawals is Solid Trust pay, our credit card processor.
In the rare cases where Solid Trust pay is not an authorised merchant for withdrawals in your area, you can contact support for assistance. They will confirm the unavailability of the merchant and help you setup an alternate processor.

Q) Is Appi Travels Ltd a Guaranteed Income?
A) Appi Travels cannot and will not guarantee any income for its affiliates. Every person on this planet is different. Some people work and some don’t, so the potential earnings depends on every individual performance (refer to income disclaimer at the bottom of the website).

Q) Can I get a refund?
A) No Refund Policy. Once you become an affiliate you have immediate access to all the products and services in your membership. Appi Travels LTD pays out out 100% commissions of the product purchase back to its affiliates in real- time. Affiliates click the ''accept” and show that they have read the terms and conditions before they register or pay. This is to ensure that we are NOT forcing anyone to purchase our products and services. Full access to our full range of products and services is immediate upon sign up. For this reason, we have a no refund During the registration and before becoming an active member, everyone who signs up must accept the terms and conditions which ensures that they are aware of them and understand them. (Refer to refund policy at the bottom of the website.)

Q) When do we get paid?
A) Members get paid daily. Request a withdrawal and we pay to your favorite merchant the same day. Appi Travels does payroll every 2 hours every day between 9:00 am Eastern and 6:00 pm eastern.  

Q) Do I have to pay Taxes?
A) Everyone must pay taxes. Appi Travels LTD does not send out any TAX forms so each member is responsible for his or her own tax reporting.

Q) What is Appi Travels policy on spamming?
A) We have ZERO tolerance for spamming. Members who spam will be removed. (Refer to Antispam Policy)

Q) Is my personal information safe with Appi Travels?
A) Absolutely! A member's personal information will stay the property of Appi Travels LTD, and will not be sold, misused, or used for any other opportunity. (Refer to Privacy Policy)

Q) Is Appi Travels International?
A) Yes! We are a global company in over 200 countries.

Q) How do I register and pay to get active?
A) If you are not active, click on the Join Us button on the Appi Travels website, all the information is there. Ensure you register to the right sponsor. Affiliates who do not have credit cards or bank accounts, that is not an issue. There are many ways to fund your Bitcoin account. Procedures are there once you have reached the payment option page. You may also get in contact with your sponsor to help walk you through the process.

Q) Can I be in multiple programs at the same time?
A) Yes! You can activate and work as many programs at the same time as you wish.

Q) What is a Direct Referral?

A) Your personal invites.

Q) What is the best way to build your organization? 
A) You want to first build a team of 4 direct referrals and to ensure the growth of your business, you want to build deep first before building wide. We suggest that every affiliate help their first 4 direct affiliates get their 4 affiliates each before building wide. If every affiliate does this process, the depth of your organization will explode. Remember you earn commission to infinity depth. This is HUGE!

Q) What is a rotator?
A) Every affiliate has their own individual rotator. The rotator is used to help your referrals and to ensure growth of your organization, if you help your referrals you earn more commissions. Rotators allow you to promote your multiple URLs from just one rotator URL. You can add several websites (referral websites) to your rotator URL and then you can point all of the traffic you get from various sources to your one rotator URL, which will spread the traffic between you and your referrals' websites.

Q) Why and when would I use my rotator?
A) Remember building deep first is the most important and working as a team. Remember you want to help your 4 affiliates get their 4 affiliates each, then you continue building wide.

Here is an example of using the rotator: If you have 2 of your 4 direct affiliates that did not get their 4 referrals each. You need to add their site url to your rotator and this will definitely help them get their 4 referrals each. There is no stopping wealth if everyone works together.